Screenwriting and Directing Blog Post #4

Locating the plot points and incidents that end Acts I and II

Movie: Terminator 2: Judgement Day

End of Act I: About 28 minutes into the film the two beings who came back in time finally track down John Connor (future saviour of humanity) and are about to encounter him in a hallway. John backs away from the large one with sunglasses (who also played the Terminator in the previous film), after running away from the one he thinks is a cop, who then brings out a shotgun. However, in a twist the Arnold Terminator is actually here to stop the more normal looking police Terminator who it turns out is a more advanced machine than the one that attempted to kill Sarah Connor in the last film. This leads for a chase for Connor but the Arnold Terminator is able to pick him up and stave off the police Terminator for the moment. He soon explains that his purpose is to protect John from this newer Terminator.

End of Act II: About 82 minutes into the film, Sarah Connor, John’s mother, hearing that Miles Dyson will inadvertently cause Judgement Day (the apocalypse event in the future) and decides to go his house and kill him to prevent the horrible future from happening with the Arnold Terminator and John in pursuit. Sarah threatens Miles and his family but can’t go through with killing the man. The trio then explain to Miles what will happen in the future and he and the trio devise a plan to infiltrate the Cyberdyne building where all the future technology and information (gathered from the remnants of the Terminator from the previous film) and destroy said info so that Skynet (the evil computer system that causes the bad future) can never be created.


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