Screenwriting and Directing Blog Post #5


Photo Credit:

In this photo can be seen a dog playing his head down on what appears to be a rug or blanket of some sort.

Overall, this picture works since the dog’s head is in a mid-close-up which allows the viewer to get a good view of his head which is generally one of the more admiral qualities of any being, and dogs in particular. His head is also in the centre so the eye is directed nicely to it and so the dog’s cuteness can be appreciated. The rest of his body is in the background and slightly out of focus which allows the focus to be on the head while also letting the viewer know that the dog is comfortable. The lines on the rug/blanket also add some lines to draw the viewer across some of the image. The black and white filter is also nice and adds a certain simplicity to the piece and reflects the dog’s nature. The dog’s feelings are also someone ambiguous which allows one to carefully view it to be sure of it’s current emotion.



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