Screenwriting and Directing Blog Post #6

How would I design a 360 degree film experience?

If I were to design a 360 degree film experience it might be akin to the holodeck from the Star Trek franchise. Basically there would be a room specifically designed to enable a projection a 360 degree experience which would also be easy to confine in one place. Given that the technology we have at hand is less advanced than the holodeck I’d suggest that the viewer would wear a device a akin to the Oculus Rift of the Hololens that allows the viewer to see the film experience in a sort of virtual reality set-up. The would also be interactive elements in the story of the film since there is little point in having a 360 experience if you can’t interact with it on some level. The viewer would probably take the viewpoint of a character in the story so that they can get the full experience. The progress of the story would probably be linear and not change much due to the viewer’s choice as their would probably be too many scenarios to create/animate for the first time using this set-up.


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