Screenwriting and Directing Blog Post #7

The camera moves in this video in order to get a sense of the experience that Rebecca Black is having on this Friday. The camera starts on a calendar and then move towards Rebecca Black getting up and then follows her around to various locales sometimes cutting to some other people surrounding her. Generally the camera will be keep Rebecca in focus for most of the video though sometimes cuts are made to various people and objects surrounding her. However when the guy in the car is singing that is the only part where Rebecca is no where near the action happening.The camera finally ends up at the party that Rebecca is at in order to signify that the Friday night has reached it’s conclusion as far as how awesome the experience can get.

The main actor moving in this video is Rebecca Black as she is travelling in order to do stuff on this Friday. While she mainly is stationary whenever the camera cuts to another location she gets more movement than some of the other characters who are either driving a car or chanting to the son at the party. Most of the movement in general is meant to signify the excited nature the characters are in due to the fact that it’s Friday and stuff is going on. Ultimately, Rebecca starts at her house and ends up at the party showing that her day has made a lot of progress from the quiet beginnings at her house to the more wild party going on at night.


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