Screenwriting and Directing Blog Entry #9

Looking for Batty or Field’s model in the beginning of a film (10 minutes)

Movie: Mean Girls (2004)

The film at this point seems to only tangentially be using the Batty or Field model since at this point the main dramatic inciting incident hasn’t been properly introduced. However, there is some conflict to be found as Cady not being used to a public school environment due to living in Africa, which because of her move is switching from her home schooling, and having to adjust to the situation. She does meet some obstacles and potential enemies, as well as allies, in the first 10 minutes though the major conflict is yet to be introduced. The closest thing to an inciting incident at this point is the move she has been made to do and the adjustment she is going to have to make now. Ultimately at this point in time not all the pieces have been put in place to lead to Act II, but the film is gradually getting there which would make it resemble both models in that regard.

The film seems to resemble Batty’s model in that the character will have to go through a somewhat physical  journey in order to adjust to public high school (though the journey will be revealed in depth later in the film) as she wants to be able to fit in. The plot at this point is Cady coming to public school and the effect it has on her and the people around her. The story is about Cady finding herself in this new environment.

The Field model also seems to be followed at this point since the audience gets good idea of the situation that Cady has found herself in, the character herself and potentially what the story will be about.




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