The Husbands of River Song Review

Merry Christmas everybody and it’s time to take a look at the 11th annual Doctor Who Christmas special.

As the title would suggest this episode features the return of River Song. I was a bit nervous when I first heard River would be returning since she got a pretty nice sendoff in Name of the Doctor. However it’s safe to say that this also serves as a pretty good capper to her story (even if it requires a slight retcon with the Night and the Doctor minisodes). The episode does a pretty good job looking at the River/Doctor dynamic which would make this a solid ending to their story together. Of course it needn’t be said that Capaldi and Kingston are on top form.

This episode is also quite a bit of fun with a lot of amusing lines and creative locales. Also featured here are the guy from The Inbetweeners and the fellow from Community’s gas leak year. Overall everybody is quite effective.

The Christmas stuff seemed a bit incidental here but I guess it wouldn’t be the first time this has happened. This is the fourth Christmas special in a row to have some kind of narrative significance (which was probably nudged on by the less positive reception of The Next Doctor and TDTWATW) with it featuring references to Last Christmas and a bunch of River Song stories.

Still if this indeed the last entry in the River Song it will be interesting to connect all of this from River’s perspective. Either way it serves as an effective bit of fluff with just enough substance where needed to end Song on a good note.


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