The Husbands of River Song Review

Merry Christmas everybody and it’s time to take a look at the 11th annual Doctor Who Christmas special.

As the title would suggest this episode features the return of River Song. I was a bit nervous when I first heard River would be returning since she got a pretty nice sendoff in Name of the Doctor. However it’s safe to say that this also serves as a pretty good capper to her story (even if it requires a slight retcon with the Night and the Doctor minisodes). The episode does a pretty good job looking at the River/Doctor dynamic which would make this a solid ending to their story together. Of course it needn’t be said that Capaldi and Kingston are on top form.

This episode is also quite a bit of fun with a lot of amusing lines and creative locales. Also featured here are the guy from The Inbetweeners and the fellow from Community’s gas leak year. Overall everybody is quite effective.

The Christmas stuff seemed a bit incidental here but I guess it wouldn’t be the first time this has happened. This is the fourth Christmas special in a row to have some kind of narrative significance (which was probably nudged on by the less positive reception of The Next Doctor and TDTWATW) with it featuring references to Last Christmas and a bunch of River Song stories.

Still if this indeed the last entry in the River Song it will be interesting to connect all of this from River’s perspective. Either way it serves as an effective bit of fluff with just enough substance where needed to end Song on a good note.


Screenwriting and Directing Blog Post #10

Create a character

Jimmy was attacked by a dog a couple of days ago when he left his job at the paper factory. He is now severely bandaged and has several scars on his face. He looked pretty good before the encounter being tall and muscular and he had pride in that fact. After the attack he had become severely depressed and believes everyone and everything is out to get him and that he looks horrible. However, a slot at the tennis club opens up which may help him get some hope. He’s reluctant at first but with help from his mother he gradually comes to find joy again.

Screenwriting and Directing Blog Entry #9

Looking for Batty or Field’s model in the beginning of a film (10 minutes)

Movie: Mean Girls (2004)

The film at this point seems to only tangentially be using the Batty or Field model since at this point the main dramatic inciting incident hasn’t been properly introduced. However, there is some conflict to be found as Cady not being used to a public school environment due to living in Africa, which because of her move is switching from her home schooling, and having to adjust to the situation. She does meet some obstacles and potential enemies, as well as allies, in the first 10 minutes though the major conflict is yet to be introduced. The closest thing to an inciting incident at this point is the move she has been made to do and the adjustment she is going to have to make now. Ultimately at this point in time not all the pieces have been put in place to lead to Act II, but the film is gradually getting there which would make it resemble both models in that regard.

The film seems to resemble Batty’s model in that the character will have to go through a somewhat physical  journey in order to adjust to public high school (though the journey will be revealed in depth later in the film) as she wants to be able to fit in. The plot at this point is Cady coming to public school and the effect it has on her and the people around her. The story is about Cady finding herself in this new environment.

The Field model also seems to be followed at this point since the audience gets good idea of the situation that Cady has found herself in, the character herself and potentially what the story will be about.



Screenwriting and Directing Blog Post #8

Page 40 Field model story

Jeffrey needs to buy a new car to impress the girl next door. He is deeply in love with her and needs to get past his laziness to get a job in order to get the money.

The story involves him having to compete with other people to get a job at a supplies store. Jeffrey is really anxious and is not sure if he can get past his laziness and his insecurity in order to defeat the competition and  get the job.

Screenwriting and Directing Blog Post #7

The camera moves in this video in order to get a sense of the experience that Rebecca Black is having on this Friday. The camera starts on a calendar and then move towards Rebecca Black getting up and then follows her around to various locales sometimes cutting to some other people surrounding her. Generally the camera will be keep Rebecca in focus for most of the video though sometimes cuts are made to various people and objects surrounding her. However when the guy in the car is singing that is the only part where Rebecca is no where near the action happening.The camera finally ends up at the party that Rebecca is at in order to signify that the Friday night has reached it’s conclusion as far as how awesome the experience can get.

The main actor moving in this video is Rebecca Black as she is travelling in order to do stuff on this Friday. While she mainly is stationary whenever the camera cuts to another location she gets more movement than some of the other characters who are either driving a car or chanting to the son at the party. Most of the movement in general is meant to signify the excited nature the characters are in due to the fact that it’s Friday and stuff is going on. Ultimately, Rebecca starts at her house and ends up at the party showing that her day has made a lot of progress from the quiet beginnings at her house to the more wild party going on at night.

Screenwriting and Directing Blog Post #6

How would I design a 360 degree film experience?

If I were to design a 360 degree film experience it might be akin to the holodeck from the Star Trek franchise. Basically there would be a room specifically designed to enable a projection a 360 degree experience which would also be easy to confine in one place. Given that the technology we have at hand is less advanced than the holodeck I’d suggest that the viewer would wear a device a akin to the Oculus Rift of the Hololens that allows the viewer to see the film experience in a sort of virtual reality set-up. The would also be interactive elements in the story of the film since there is little point in having a 360 experience if you can’t interact with it on some level. The viewer would probably take the viewpoint of a character in the story so that they can get the full experience. The progress of the story would probably be linear and not change much due to the viewer’s choice as their would probably be too many scenarios to create/animate for the first time using this set-up.

Screenwriting and Directing Blog Post #5


Photo Credit:

In this photo can be seen a dog playing his head down on what appears to be a rug or blanket of some sort.

Overall, this picture works since the dog’s head is in a mid-close-up which allows the viewer to get a good view of his head which is generally one of the more admiral qualities of any being, and dogs in particular. His head is also in the centre so the eye is directed nicely to it and so the dog’s cuteness can be appreciated. The rest of his body is in the background and slightly out of focus which allows the focus to be on the head while also letting the viewer know that the dog is comfortable. The lines on the rug/blanket also add some lines to draw the viewer across some of the image. The black and white filter is also nice and adds a certain simplicity to the piece and reflects the dog’s nature. The dog’s feelings are also someone ambiguous which allows one to carefully view it to be sure of it’s current emotion.


Screenwriting and Directing Blog Post #4

Locating the plot points and incidents that end Acts I and II

Movie: Terminator 2: Judgement Day

End of Act I: About 28 minutes into the film the two beings who came back in time finally track down John Connor (future saviour of humanity) and are about to encounter him in a hallway. John backs away from the large one with sunglasses (who also played the Terminator in the previous film), after running away from the one he thinks is a cop, who then brings out a shotgun. However, in a twist the Arnold Terminator is actually here to stop the more normal looking police Terminator who it turns out is a more advanced machine than the one that attempted to kill Sarah Connor in the last film. This leads for a chase for Connor but the Arnold Terminator is able to pick him up and stave off the police Terminator for the moment. He soon explains that his purpose is to protect John from this newer Terminator.

End of Act II: About 82 minutes into the film, Sarah Connor, John’s mother, hearing that Miles Dyson will inadvertently cause Judgement Day (the apocalypse event in the future) and decides to go his house and kill him to prevent the horrible future from happening with the Arnold Terminator and John in pursuit. Sarah threatens Miles and his family but can’t go through with killing the man. The trio then explain to Miles what will happen in the future and he and the trio devise a plan to infiltrate the Cyberdyne building where all the future technology and information (gathered from the remnants of the Terminator from the previous film) and destroy said info so that Skynet (the evil computer system that causes the bad future) can never be created.

Screenwriting and Directing Blog Entry #3

What is the future of film?

The future of film will involve far more streaming services hosting films as people tend to find it a hassle to go to the cinemas these days.

The length of shots for certain scenes will also most likely be reduced down to a second or so given the ever increasing need for speed in films.

Cameras will also be made far lighter including the more heavy ones of today such as IMAX cameras.